Information for advertisers and partners

Dear potential advertisers and partners,

first of all we would like to apologize, but we are not an ordinary media. No one can buy our opinion, or more precisely pay for recommending his or her product. We invest all of our energy in making sure that our articles and other materials are trustworthy for the community. The trust of our readers is what we value the most. Therefore we do not accept PR articles.

Each product or service that we voluntarily write about, we personally know and trust. Based on that, we recommend them.

If you want to become our partner and advertise your product or service on our platform, we need to get to know your product and/or service and be convinced that the potential recommendation will be valuable for our readers.

Improovio aims to be the largest community for personal development in the international market. We will not provide our community with a recommendation about anything that doesn’t have, from our point of view, the appropriate quality. If we recommended a product or service we do not trust, we could hardly reach our goal to become the largest community for personal development.

Petr Casanova can provide you with more details via email:

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Why do they work with us?

NetJets, a member of the Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway group

“Your target audience, much like NetJets’ target market, responds much better to engaging visual/rich content as compared to the usual advertorial articles/PR pieces that are all over the web. The theme, tone of voice and content fits in perfectly with NetJets’ brand values (high quality editorial and writing style intended for the discerning reader).”