Petr Casanova’s first bestseller about building a relationship

Do you have a partner and want to develop a long-term relationship together? How can one understand each other when we all are different, have our own past and hidden pains? How not to lose what’s important to us?

This unique book is a collection of the most common relationship threats and their solutions or better preventing them. 250 laws of love explains in details how to create a happy and developing background for both partners and even for their children.

Released 2015. Five times bestseller. E-book version. 280 pages.



Beautiful book! I highly recommend! The book showed me that it makes sense to live, not only to survive! 🙂


Clearly the most beautiful book I’ve ever read. The whole book is speaking my mind.


Amazing book for me. My long-time partner left me for another woman and I stayed alone with a little child! The book helped me to understand a lot and opened my eyes! Why to give a second or third chance, when someone is waiting for the first one?


The Bible of Love!

Petr Casanova

Who am I?

One word: a primitive. A very simple person. I don’t want a complicated life. I do what I say, and I say what I think. Everything else is too complicated for me.

I have created this community because I seek for the same simple people. People, who already know that success doesn’t fall from the sky but has to be created. People, who already know that relationships have to be built. People, who already know that they have to strengthen to grow.

What do I want?

I believe that personal development can change and positively enhance everyone’s life. Everyone is capable to, but under one condition – must be willing to.

For me, success is the knowing that most of the obstacles, problems and challenges are only in our heads. Howcome? Just remember about your childhood. What was an obstacle in those days is not anymore today. Because you grew up.