Why strong people attract complicated relationships

When you feel that your life has fallen into darkness, light yourself—you have the light inside you.
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When I was small, I laughed at a man with no legs. Before I found out that he was a war hero.

Then I laughed at a girl in my class who was fat, probably because she kept stuffing her face. Before I found out she had to keep taking medicine that had side effects and she wasn’t eating sweets at all in reality.

Then I laughed at a boy in my class that always sat on the edge of the class, quiet, downtrodden, submissive. Before I found out he was a victim of domestic violence.

And most of all on the estate where I lived I laughed at a women with a twisted face. Before I found out that when she was young she was hit by a car on a crossing so badly that she had to have her face reconstructed.

Then I grasped that people are often different in their core than they look at first glance—they are primarily what they have overcome. And I stopped believing in mere appearance.I recognised that external beauty attracts the eyes, but internal beauty, personality, is much more—it attracts the heart and soul.


I started looking at life and people from a different viewpoint, thinking about everything differently.

I learned that whenever somebody treated me badly, I should realise that there is something wrong with them, not with me.Internally satisfied people do not go around the world with the aim of destroying others.

And then I saw the sea for the first time.Strong people, surfing.I watched them.I noticed that they never choose tame, small waves—they were no fun. On the contrary, they chose more and more demanding ones. In my ordinary life I met more and more people that were, with courage and appetite, taking on larger and larger obstacles, dealing with bigger and bigger problems, coping with harder and harder tests that life was placing in front of them.

When I looked at the surfers from outside, I said to myself how easy their life must be.Everything went so smoothly for them.And then I found out that nothing could be further from the truth.On the contrary, they had a difficult past.And they continued to attract complicated relationships.Weaklings, drunks, liars, emotional blackmailers, desperate people. Whether they were men or women, they acted like a strong magnet that has a tendency to attract a bunch of junk—because it can support a lot.

And at that time I understood the main difference between the weak and the strong.The weak do not lift others, because they don’t have the strength.On the contrary, the strong lift others, the same way as in the gym, and this gives them strength.

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