5 reasons why a holiday will give you a hint if he is “the right one”

There is a huge difference between being together on the occasional evening or for two weeks without interruption.
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When I entered into my first joint venture with a business partner, he surprised me by saying: “We will discuss this abroad.”

Why travel abroad when we can stay in the Czech Republic and meet every day, if we please?

I went along anyway and soon realised it was one of the best ways to get to know a person.

Since then, I have been using this method even in private relationships. I don’t know a better way of finding out in a short time whether I may be wasting my time and trust with someone who is important to me – whether he is indeed “the right one”.

If finding a reliable partner is one of your major dreams, take a look at why holiday time spent together may give you a good hint…

1st reason: More than several hours of pretence

A perfect, fragrant and calm person always arrives at a date. When they are not in the mood, they say NO and we don’t meet. However, being with someone long-term also means getting to know their moods. What is he like? Who are his aims? What kind of support does he offer, not when things are going well but when things go pear-shaped?

When two lovers make time for each other every now and then, they can be misled for several years. Holidaying together is a different kind of sport. Several consecutive days and nights spent together is a step out of one’s comfort zone and an opportunity to experience each other even in uncomfortable moments, when one is simply forced to reveal one’s everyday routine.

The man stops dating a painted picture and gets to know the woman’s inner face. How will she manage? And how will he? After all, the woman can also see through pretence. Does she have an occasional gentleman or a gallant man for life?

Naturally, two weeks spent together will not reveal everything, but they are an interesting taster of what is to come in a long-term relationship – a peek at the inner person.

2nd reason: Facing challenges together

We miss a connection. We lose a credit card or passport. We need to get directions from a local. We suddenly face an unexpected complication.

Welcome to everyday life!

Overcoming even the smallest of problems bonds couples together. You can rest assured that there will be plenty of opportunities! If we move to a different environment, we cannot escape for a certain period of time and may get to see how our partner handles unusual and perhaps stressful moments.

Is he a type suitable for relationships? Is he a pillar or does he become your ball and chainonce you run into problems?

On the one hand, time spent together helps us experience routine together. On the other hand, the unfamiliar environment abroad makes us face NON-routine permanently. Every experience (even negative ones) far from home shows us how we can help each other and work on a solution together.

What other invaluable information does holidaying abroad together provide?

How will our partner be revealed?

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