Are you shy? 7 ways you can still make contact

We call it lovebuilding...
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Since publishing my first bestseller 250 Laws of Love, I pointed out that the workings of the human mind while developing personal relationships is the same as in other situations. It is the same in partnership as it is at work. After all, lovebuilding events are very similar to the events organised by the First Class Academy, our school of practical entrepreneurship. Shy people offer a wonderful example.

Some people are too shy to start talking to others. They experience the same fear at a networking event (at work) and in a tram or café (in their private lives). They think that they cannot build working teams or couples. “I am introverted,” they say, without realising what they are saying.

At our events, I like meeting not only introverted people, but especially people who had the same nervousness and overcame it. This is important to me. You know, there are only two types of thinking in the world – successful and unsuccessful. Both types of people dream, but also question themselves. Unsuccessful people look at their dreams and say: “I can’t manage this. I can’t do so many things. I am not like those who have achieved their dream.” And give up.

In other words: The fact that something is missing is a reason to give up.

Successful individuals look at their dreams and say to themselves: “I can’t manage this. I can’t do so many things. I am not like those who have achieved it.” And then start working on it.In other words: The fact that they cannot do something is a reason to learn.P

Maybe some of you will recognise this man. This is the founder of Twitter. Jack Dorsey is as introverted as you can get. This is how rigidly he ordered a latté in a café several years ago. This was the reason why he created a network that uses words sparingly.

People often mistake an introverted character with shyness. On the outside, introverted people, in common with shy people, are withdrawn into themselves. This helps introverts to concentrate on their work and personal development better. As a boss, this type of person is good at listening, is briefer and more curious than extroverted people. He prefers asking questions to answering them. However, shyness is more about fear of other people – unwillingness to communicate with them, being involved in projects in larger groups, making new contacts and solving problems together.

How can you then break out of your shell at a date arranged through a dating site or at business events? How can you stop feeling disadvantaged and build your self-esteem, self-confidence and awareness of your added value?

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