15 reasons why life is like a book or Who is writing your story?

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Let’s look at life from both sides. Not only from the bad side, but also from the good side. Whenever we experience both sides, we learn to love life even more.

This is one of the most popular tools used in sessions with people. A book. And I don’t mean just my books, but any books. They are very much like life in many aspects.

As soon as you open a book, each page has two sides. Just like any event we experience.

Or when we finish reading a book, we often find that the book differed greatly from our original perception of the book before we started reading it. Books, as well as life, are well worth getting to know. And once you start creating a REALLY GOOD book of your life, you will wish you could live for a thousand years.

I know that this is not possible. But that’s good. This makes people try and savour every line of their book more intensely because they do not know how long the book will be. Life does not see the giving of this information as important. Understandable. Life does not bother us with pointless things. As we go through our lives, we find out for ourselves that the depth of the story matters much more than its length.

What topics do we discuss most frequently regarding books? I have gathered at least 15 inspiring points for you:

1. You will never start reading a new chapter in life if you keep reading the old one over and over.

2. Yes, certain life chapters are sad, others are full of joy. However, don’t try to stop time. Life teaches us to turn the leaf in all cases. Only then will we find out how the story unfolds.

3. The rule of thumb is: Life is change, and change is life. Don’t be surprised that you are getting bored if you keep reading one chapter over and over. Everybody needs to move forward.

4. Don’t close your eyes when you get to the bad chapters. You will enjoy the good ones even more.

5. When you are going through something you do not understand right there and then, remember that the explanatory notes are not usually printed on the first pages.

6. Whenever you feel that your story has gone into a dead-end street, remember that your book still has tens, hundreds, perhaps even thousands of pages remaining.

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