7 Important things we should say to others before it is too late

“I care about you.” How often do we say this to others? Or to ourselves?
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We live in strange times.

We have cars and aeroplanes, so we should be closer to each other. Those dear to us should be faster to reach than ever before.

We also have mobiles, Skype, social networks, options for sending free SMS via the internet at any time, yet we still forget to let others know how much they mean to us. We are so occupied by our own importance! However, life shakes us up every now and then to remind us what is really important. Take this for example:

My friend lost his partner in an unfortunate accident. He broke down due to his loss, but even more from a thought that kept coming back to him: “She was so young! I didn’t even manage to say to her everything I wanted. I didn’t manage to explain to her how much I love her.”

I was hurting with him. However, I kept asking: Is the loss of a loved one necessary to make us realise how much this person meant to us and what we wanted to say to them? Why can’t we say this sooner – while we have them by our side?

After all, we all know that our lives are finite. We all realise that we may meet our fate any moment. Why then, are we immersed in our own egoism? Why do we play games in our relationships, unable to tell those that matter to us how we feel about them? What kind of creatures are we?


When I started writing this year’s series of Improovio articles, I kept asking myself one question: Why do we speak nicely to each other so little? Why do we often open our mouth just when we want to hurt each other?

We know that those people may leave us or that we may lose them at a pedestrian crossing in a matter of seconds. If we loved ourselves more, we would realise that we will then be alone to face the pain. If we loved ourselves more, we would be more generous with kind words for others because we would not suffer as much later – like my friend, who regretted his lost chance.

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