5 kindnesses in a relationship or How to make compromises

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Fifth kindness: Make things right

We all make mistakes. We all sometimes hurt the ones we love. Instead of praising someone, we ridicule them. Instead of supporting someone, we discourage them. Instead of hugging them and giving them a kiss, we push them away.

None of us is perfect. And the biggest mistake is made by those who pretend to be perfect, as they do not admit their mistakes, and so don’t put them right.

Let’s bear in mind that the way we deal with a mistake is far more important than the fact that we have made the mistake. It takes no time to apologise for being irritable or contemptuous of what the other person needs; just a few words. And just 5 letters (Sorry) contain so many declarations of how much we care about the other person and that we are essentially only human.

Sorry means I am putting things right.

I know we can all get annoyed with others because they do things we cannot reconcile ourselves to. Let’s remind ourselves that they’re just different to us. If we can’t understand it, let’s at least try to accept it.

Stupid people don’t see into the future. A father is able to humiliate the mother in front of their own children and is then surprised to see the children starting to consider such behaviour acceptable. He is surprised that his son is aggressive and his daughter accepts aggression from others.

So let’s put things right, because unaddressed mistakes can destroy much more than our relationship.

Before we say something to someone, let’s think whether it is necessary, whether it is true, and whether it is KIND.

LOVE is energy. It extends not only to the person we address it to, but also resides within those of us who send it out – as does hate. Let’s think which of these we want to be filled with.

I don’t want hate in a relationship. Do you?

© Petr Casanova