Why Our Future Is Exactly Like Our Faith In It

Optimist = a person that believes in a better future = a person who has the courage to take positive steps.
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When I was a small boy, I wanted material things. It’s strange how life changed me since then. Today, when I wish for something, I ask others for time, attention, kindness, honestly and faithfulness. These human gifts mean more to me than anything that can be bought with money.

And there is one more thing—hope. It seems to me that today people don’t know what hope is. Migrants are going to murder us. The Euro will impoverish us. We are moving more towards the East. 

Adults cannot talk about a better future, only about a worse one, and where adults lead, their children follow.

I prefer optimism, and so I sit down to read books. I read the ideas of people who believed that the future won’t create itself, and that we need to create it. That the main key to the door to a better future is us, ourselves. And that at the start of each positive change is one thing—the belief that it is possible. It may be hard to find hope, but without it, life his too bleak. Hard is better than bleak.

I like working with optimists. Optimism underpins every strategy that’s focused on creating a better future, because only an optimist believes that a better future is possible. And because they believe in their idea, they are motivated to take all the necessary steps that will truly change their present.

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