How to Cope with Energy Thieves or Why People Tread on Roses and Pull the Wings Off Butterflies

There are two groups of people. One focuses on the mistakes you make, the other on solutions for them. The first takes your energy away, the second strengthens you. With the first you come to a stop, with the second you work on yourself.
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Has somebody done something bad to you and you keep thinking about it?

Did they say something bad to you at work and now your work is worse?

Did you put a lot of hope into something and it sucked the hope out of you?

Did you trust someone who betrayed your trust?

Did you tell someone your secret weaknesses and they then abused them?

Did you rely on somebody who then buried you?

You ask: Why trust anyone… why tell anyone your secrets… why submit… why help… why sacrifice… why love…, when the world pays you back this way?

What is the mistake we made?

What is wrong with us that another person drew attention to it in this way?

How should we repair it, if we don’t even know where to look?

And why start a new relationship when this crushing feeling could be experienced all over again?

I’ve known the horrible feeling. At that time, I stubbornly needed the story not to end like this. For the other person to apologise to me. Or to at least understand me. Or to know that they miss me. The more somebody hurt me, the more dependent I was on them.

What is actually happening in such circumstances, and how do you learn to work with yourself?

This article is like 1+1. About something so basic, simple and important. About why not to damage your self.

One word from somebody else that is a lie and my mood turns bad… How is this possible?

Who an Energy Thief Is

A person that steals our ideas. By word or deed they divert us from our path and cause us to stop. We can’t think about them.

How Do They Do It?

Simply: They indicate that we’re making a mistake.

For example, we’re singing. Them: “Your singing is terrible.” And from this moment on we’re thinking about how terrible we are. As a consequence of a simple sentence.

As though they put cheese in a trap and we got caught in it.

It doesn’t matter whether our singing is really terrible. The energy thief indicates, “Stop!” whereas, on the contrary, they could have said: “Continue, practice”. Because only by practising can we learn to sing better.

And in this way we uncover the tactics of the Energy Thief: Where it concerns what we do, they focus our attention on problems, not on their solutions.

Why Do They Do It?

There are thousands of motives. An inner complex, inner pain, an inner need to harm. Stupidity, envy, hate.

Did you notice what all the above have in common?

It’s THEIR problem.

When somebody tells us: “I don’t like the way you dress,” they’re giving us information about themselves. They’re saying what THEY don’t like and that THEY cannot deal with it other than by trying to manipulate us to make a change that suits them. For them, manipulation is a way to feel better; to achieve their aims.

How Come It Makes Them Feel Good?

Ideas are energy. Each of us has around sixty thousand ideas every day. Let’s imagine that an Energy Thief steals all these ideas—then we won’t be able to think about anything else. Do you know HOW MUCH ENERGY THIS IS?

How much energy is it that we lose and they gain?

Why are we actually suffering for those that don’t suffer for us at all?

How to disconnect from this wasting of our own energy and time through stolen ideas?

I can explain it in simple examples.

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