18 rules of life my son must know before he turns 18 and heads out into the world

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When I turned 18, I had to go out into the world. Like any other young Dick Whittington type.

They packed up my bundle, gave me a few cakes and some advice: Be good! Listen to everyone! That’s the only way to make your way in the world!

I couldn’t have been given worse advice.

After all, life is like a game of Tetris. When you fit into the line, you disappear.

When my son reaches 18, I want him to bear in mind the following 18 truths I wish I had known when I was 18:

Truth 1: Success is relative.

From an early age we are taught to strive to be successful. But what does “success” really mean?

When I started writing my blog, readers complained that their goals in life are not just money, but also health, inner satisfaction, balanced relationships, time well spent. And so a years ago I added posts, for those who are also driven by professional and personal development, the ability to help others through business or to fulfil their ambitions through their careers. This is just an example of how many different forms success can take.

So, my dear “Whittington”, believe me that what success is for one person might be the opposite of success for another. That’s how different people are.

So, first of all, think about YOUR success and give it a name. And then go after it.

Truth 2: You alone can fulfil your dream.

Some people might be impressed with your dream. Others might even support you in achieving it. But in the end, no one can fulfil your dream for you.

Everyone has to follow his or her own dream. The world is fair in that respect. When every person starts to focus on their own dream, the dreams of all the people in the world are taken care of.

Truth 3: Your potential is directly proportionate to how well you know yourself.

We’re all born for success. After all, we each have the unique prerequisites in our DNA – strengths that no one else has. The first condition for your success, however, is learning to use them.

Remember: Anyone who comes to know himself and maximises his strengths will achieve his goals.

A person who does not know himself and avoids working hard on his strengths cannot achieve his goals. This is not down to a lack of ability. It is only because that person does not have enough inner will and the desire to build THEIR future.

Truth 4: Nothing makes us as good as what we do from the heart.

You’ll see that no amount of money, worldly glory or appreciation from others can match the feeling we have when we do something from the heart. That makes us happy; perhaps the happiest we can ever be.

So, follow your heart and satisfaction will start to follow you.

Truth 5: Sadly, most people don’t do what they like doing.

This will surprise you. So many people are not living the lives they dream of. Not because it is not possible or they are incapable of doing so. Many are just complacent and unwilling to make enough effort to follow their dreams. They don’t want to make them come true for themselves. A paradox? Not really.

No success falls from the sky. Success has to be made. It is not easy, as success is made outside of our comfort zone. Nevertheless, what we have in our DNA, in our desires, is worth making a reality, no matter how hard it might be.

A word of caution here, please. The older you get and the more you look around you, the more you’ll tend to believe that you have to end up like all those in the crowd – in a life where dreams are not pursued and where everyone who has gone for their dreams is despised.

Don’t fall into this trap. It’s better to wonder why people give up on their dreams:

Truth 6: With age, most people start to be afraid of their ideas.

Look at children – they’re full of ideas. However, with age people become disconnected from their ideas. Adults find it hard work to be creative, to make a better reality, and to find something good in everything bad. It is far easier to resign oneself. To just accept things the way they are and to not move forwards in life.

Want to know why adults change like this?

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