Can You Get a Better Life in Just One Month?

You can change your life for the better, but to do that you’ll have to do things a little differently.
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Everybody has different aims. One person may be motivated to earn money, while another puts all their energy into getting a better lifestyle. One may love to acquire languages, while for someone else it’s cultivating relationships that interests them the most. Whatever it is in your life that you want to improve the most, I’ll show you how you can do it in 31 days.

There are 31 days in this exercise, so don’t worry if the month runs out before the tasks do! Start in the middle of the month if you want to. It doesn’t matter. The important part is to tick off one simple, satisfying activity every day. Don’t worry, none of them will take long.

Day 1

Do a small favour for someone else

Without asking, and without thinking about whether the other person will return the favour, try sharing a useful piece of knowledge with someone. It could be anything, a wise and useful quote from an influential person, a product or service that makes life better for them in some small way. Anything will do, so long as you give it freely and without expectation of reward.

Day 2

Share a positive experience with people close to you

Today, the aim is to think of something positive and share it with friends or family. Happiness shared is happiness doubled if you share it with the right people. They say that if a person shares their happiness at least twice a day with those around them, they’re happier with their life.

Day 3

Take a break from overwork

These days, we all probably have a tendency to work too much, but there is a fine line between working hard enough and working too much, and if we’re overdoing it we lose balance; we lose friends and we lose our general joy of life. We can often suffer from the feeling that if we don’t do something productive every day then we’re somehow failing, but how about a little self-forgiveness? On this day, try to let this feeling of perfectionism rest. Slow down and discover that life is beautiful the way it is—when you’re not rushing. Just relax completely, appreciate only what is, and focus on those priorities that you neglect at other times.

Day 4

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes

We focus so much on ourselves that we can easily lose sight of others. Make time today to understand their pain and frustration, and to understand that their emotions are as real as yours. You expand your own heart and ease the pain in theirs when you open yourself to others.

Day 5

Think about the meaning of your life

Maybe it isn’t to work 10 hours a day for the next 30 years and then enjoy your desired retirement (with crutches, rather than golf clubs) in Florida. What if today were more important? Perhaps you will find that you truly are happy with the way life is, or then again, perhaps not. Either way, you will learn something useful by honestly considering where you are going. As Socrates is purported to have said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Examine yours today!

Day 6

Leave the cream to others

Today’s task is a tough one, firstly because the situation it depends on needs to arise, and secondly because it is hard to do! If the chance should come along where you can let someone else have some glory or take the limelight, then do it. The slight sting that you will feel is your ego suffering, but it’s worth it. When you allow someone else to stand in the spotlight, the pride they enjoy from receiving recognition will warm you more than if the light fell on you.

Day 7

Give thanks for what could be worse

My grandad said: “When you’re driving, at a crossroads you curse every red light, but you never thank a green light.” Yes, we’re always moaning about why things aren’t better without realising that what is bad could be even worse. Even if nothing happens on this day, you should at least realise that if you had been born somewhere else on earth, then things like drinking water, electricity, medicines, a roof over your head, education and the opportunity to earn a living would be unusual and not matters of course. Discover what you can be grateful for daily, and be surprised and thankful for what you take for granted.

Day 8

Train yourself to be patient

Did somebody honk their horn at you on the road? Stay calm. Breathe deeply and realise that for all you know they might be hurrying to the hospital with a child lying in the back seat. Patience helps us relax and see purity in people whose dirt would otherwise lead us to pain, frustration and banging your head against a wall—which eventually destroys you, not them.

Day 9

Be the first one to offer reconciliation

A single misunderstanding can lead to the exit of an important person from your life if you can’t find the strength to apologisef because it’s much easier to avoid shame or conflict than it is to face up to them. But, by avoiding people you give them permission to leave.

Today, let’s avoid avoidance! Even if it’s not you that SHOULD apologise, do it anyway. Such a sign of humility will work wonders. In the blink of an eye, it can soften others and put them back where they belong—in your presence.

Day 10

Just say NO

Genuinely satisfied people live simply: they don’t take more than they can carry; they live according to their values; they know their limits. And for all these reasons they don’t have a problem saying NO. If they realise that something is complicating their life or not bringing them a better tomorrow (or a better today, for that matter) they aren’t worried about saying NO to it. This gives them the time and energy to say YES to everything that matters.

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