Ten Simple Reminders When You Lose Motivation

“Motivation doesn't last, neither does a shower. We need both every day.” Zig Ziglar
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Do you have a goal, but also moments when you stop believing you’ll achieve it? Are you losing motivation?

I have to smile, because I know how you feel.

When my motivation was on empty, the worst things were not happening in me, but around me. This is because I saw other people that could motivate themselves doing things correctly and easily, knowing exactly what to do. Not me.

Motivation was something unsustainable for me. I wanted something, but the same head stopped me from realising it. It was then that I realised that my ‘competitor’ was not the people around me, but, paradoxically, myself.

Don’t Confuse an Obstacle with a Defeat

My life was changed by three men. I can name the first one. Zig Ziglar calmed me down when he explained to me that motivation does not have permanent effects. “It’s like showering. We need both every day.”

The second was a man that laughed at a problem I had. “That isn’t a problem at all. Look how easily it is solved!” And I was amazed, because what I had regarded as insoluble, he resolved without the help of magic. He told me: “All problems, obstacles and challenges are only subjective. You decide what’s impossible for you. But this doesn’t mean it’s really impossible. There are a lot of people that know the path, you only have to ask them or learn from them. They aren’t geniuses. They just walked the path before you.”

This man taught me that when I don’t know the answer (yet), it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. And when my mind shouts: “You’re a chicken-shit!” this doesn’t mean that it cannot be silenced. It is enough for us to outgrow our weaknesses, errors and failures. And a third man helped me do this the most.

“Lad, don’t confuse an obstacle with a defeat,” he laughed at me when I complained my life was full of problems. “If you want to achieve something in life, you have to grow. And if you want to grow, your life has to be one obstacle after another. The same as in the gym: if you want to get stronger, you need weights. They aren’t a defeat, but the path to victory.”

What You Overcome Will Make You Stronger

Every year, the last two months before Christmas are the most demanding. I reserve up to four days a week for meetings with you. The Christmas Special issue, which should help with all difficulties, is already half sold out.

Many of you buy it not only as an unusual Christmas gift for those who are close to you and important to you, but also for yourselves. Your most frequent wish was: to swim up from the bottom—from immediate feelings of futility, sadness and disappointment. To believe. To help others and yourself. …When locked in negative thought, it seems that there is no solution—and a person easily resigns himself or herself to this I know that there are not enough Christmas Specials for everybody every year, so please: if at work, at school, with your family or in a partnership relationship you sometimes feel demotivated, try proposing the following ten basic changes to your brain:

  1. It’s never about a burden we can’t carry, but the way we handle it. We can demotivate ourselves with an error, pain or frustration as easily as we can motivate ourselves. I hate defeats. But I don’t hate them so much that I’ll never reconcile myself to their final result. In my life, defeats are always only partial failures that force me to change something. It’s always about us, how we face up to what’s happening to us. Strong people lift weights. That’s why they keep getting stronger.
  2. We have two options at every moment.We can either be negative—then our mind will find lots of reasons we should stop in hell and suffer. Or we can be positive—then our mind will discover lots of reasons to go through hell and laugh, because with each step we’re getting closer to the exit from hell. The most effective weapon against stress, timidity and disappointment is our ability to choose another idea instead of the original one. Happy people do not experience only the best, but in what they experience they only look for the best.
  3. The most powerful moments that turn our life around for the better include ones where we find the courage to simply leave alone that which cannot be changed. Yes, the greatest strength sometimes does not require that we continue, but that we end what has stopped working. Indians from the Cree tribe call it getting off a dead horse. It’s a positive step. It means ridding your head of constant doubts, fears and complaints, stopping trying to change what we cannot influence and, on the contrary, focusing on what we can influence.
  4. It is never in our interest to spend too much time with people who try to put us off positive steps and keep us on the bottom.Even if these people are the closest to us, remember that negation will not improve our life.

What does the important triangle of any long-term success look like?

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