Sixteen Conditions for Human Happiness

“Happiness cannot come to us from somewhere else. It can only come out of us.”
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Some people are unhappy no matter where they go.

Then, there are other people who are happy wherever they are. Why is this?

When researchers looked for common characteristics within happy people, they did not find them in the value of their assets, their academic achievement, job role, or place of residence. They found that young and old people could find happiness by finding love. Rich and poor people could find happiness by welcoming a healthy baby. Educated and less educated people could find happiness regardless of their possessions, or lack thereof.

And some people were unhappy even if they had love, a new-born child, significant wealth, and good health. So, then, where should we look for happiness?

Scientists have searched for the answers for a long time, and have identified 16 conditions for a person to be internally happy. Paradoxically, these conditions cannot be found in a person’s surroundings, only in their being. It’s true, happiness doesn’t come to from the outside. Happiness comes from the inside.

The Christmas Special issue—a unique Christmas gift for any of your nearest and dearest who suffer from anxiety, and worries that they won’t be able to cope with something, that they won’t overcome something, that something won’t last, or that everything good is in the past—is based on these 16 pillars.

Despite all of this… change is within their reach.

We all know the importance of support. How important it is to back someone up when they make a mess of something. To remind them what their immediate emotions are causing them to forget. This is what the Christmas Special is all about—and it’s for moments when no-one else is around.

4 x 4 Pillars of Internal Satisfaction

Albert Einstein’s recently-discovered formula for a happy life comprises two sentences:

  • “A quiet and modest life brings more joy than a pursuit of success bound with constant unrest.”
  • “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

But how can we put this into practice?

Does internal change happen just like that?

No, it doesn’t. The Christmas Special actively works with the mind, heart, and soul of its reader. It certainly doesn’t leave anything to chance. When I was preparing the Christmas Special, I knew that if we seek to reinforce our strengths, or limit our weaknesses, we need a plan. After all, nobody can bake a cake right the first time without a recipe. Nobody can repair a car gearbox without a manual. Nobody makes it through the wilderness for the first time without a map. The Christmas Special, therefore, allows the reader to use their intuition, but also gives (little) hints about which path to choose.

Being happy is a skill. And every skill can be learned. The Christmas Special, therefore, teaches the ability to be happy, based on these sixteen tools.

But let’s accept, please, that not everything will work immediately; that some things will naturally work quicker, and some will be slower. Some of us are naturally hardier, and some are more sensitive. What might be of benefit in one situation, could be a weakness in another.

Despite this, I believe that the Christmas Special will be useful in any situation. That’s why I created it.

The 4 x 4 principle, that I will explain in a moment, is the invisible skeleton of this gift. It may be invisible, but it can be felt in each line. What, then, will we be learning?

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