22 Things You Should Start Doing for Yourself

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  1. Start to spend time with the right people. They are the ones you feel good with, the ones who like you and appreciate you, who support you on your journey. They are the ones who accept not only who you are now, but also who you want to be, unconditionally.
  2. Start to face your problems with your head up. It’s not problems that define you, it’s how you manage to respond to them and how you recover from them—that’s YOU! The problems won’t disappear unless you resolve them, so do what you can. Even if you only take tiny steps, as long as they are in the right direction, you are dealing with it, and that’s good.
  3. Start being honest with yourself. It’s so easy to delude ourselves that we become masters at it, but facing up to what needs to be changed in us is a must. Be honest about what you want to achieve in life and who you intend to become. Be honest with yourself in every aspect of who you are, always, because you are the person you depend on most of all. If you are truly honest with yourself, you will understand and accept where you are, why you are there, how you got there, and where you are going next.
  4. Start to make your happiness a priority. Trust me—it IS possible to deal with all your needs at the same time as dealing with those of others. In fact, they’re complimentary, because whenever you satisfy your own needs, you generate the energy and good feelings you need to help others.
  5. Start to be yourself, genuinely and proudly. Trying to be somebody else is a waste of your potential. Accept every side of your personality, acknowledge your abilities and your beauty, because no one in the whole world is like you. But don’t rest on your laurels, work hard on improving your personality, so that you give the world the best version of yourself.
  6. Start to perceive and experience the present. Perhaps you don’t realise it, but a miracle is happening now. Right now is the only moment that will ever be real for you. Your life happens in this moment, and nowhere else. Stop constantly dreaming about what big things you’re going to achieve in the future. Stop clinging to what you did or didn’t do in the past. Learn to be here and start to experience life as it unfolds around you. You are riding the crest of a very special wave, so take a look around!
  7. Start to appreciate the lessons hidden in the errors you make. Making mistakes is fine. If you don’t fail from time to time, then maybe you aren’t trying enough new things and you’re not learning anything. Risk, stumble, fall, get up again, and go again. Value the fact that you are pressing forward, learning, growing, improving. You will always make the most progress at the end of a long line of experience. In time, you will see that one of the errors that you were afraid of and that you criticised yourself for, will, in reality, lead you to success in life.
  8. Start to be more polite towards yourself. Honestly, if a friend spoke to you in the same way you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would this person be your friend? The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others. Show that you love the person you are, otherwise why should anybody else?
  9. Start to enjoy the things you already have. Many of us think that if we had the success of our boss, a new house like our friend, or a happy family like our neighbour has , then we will be happy. Unfortunately, these achievements take a while to come, and when you get them you’ll raise your sights even higher. If you keep doing this you could spend your whole life chasing aims that lose their shine whenever you get close to them. So, stop it! Take a moment for yourself and appreciate where you already are and what you already have.
  10. Start to create your immediate happiness.If you’re waiting for somebody else to make you happy, you’ll be waiting forever. This is because genuine happiness can only come from inside you. Smile, you can do that right now. Be the change that you keep looking for in others. Start to be happy with who you are and inspire yourself positively every day. When you start to look for happiness in whatever is happening around you, you will very probably find it.
  11. Start to believe that you’re already eager for the next step. What if the right moment for what you’ve always wanted but put off chasing is now? Think about it. Understand that no matter what your dream is, you already have everything you need to begin taking small, gradual steps forward. So, grasp the opportunities that are all around you, accept the challenges, especially if they are demanding. They are gifts that will help you grow. Take it gradually, and you’ll see what comes!
  12. Start to give the new people you meet a chance. It sounds horrible, but you can’t maintain every friendship you have ever formed. People and priorities change. Some relationships wither, whereas others bloom. New people become close to you so that you can replace old ones that you don’t recognise any more and relationships that have not worked for a long time. And be prepared to meet someone who can change your life forever.
  13. Start to compete with yesterday’s version of you. Let yourself be inspired by others, admire others, learn from others, but remember that measuring yourself against others is a waste of time. Every person is different. There is therefore only one relevant contest and only one actual competitor—you! Compete with yourself, then you will wring the most out of your potential and be the best version of you that you can be. Try to break your current records. This will shift your limits.
  14. Start to support other people in their victories. Try to think about what you like in other people. They start to attract you; you start to like surrounding yourself with them; you start to want to be similar to them—which will make you progress. Eventually, the ones that you supported will start to support you. Because they will find inspiration in you.
  15. Start to look for light in difficult situations. When things get difficult and you feel worse, close your eyes and take a deep breath—you’ll feel a glimmer of hope. Remind yourself that you can and will get stronger—thanks to difficult moments. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger—repeat this. Focus on what you have, not what you don’t have. And what you have is hope, courage, belief, and light.
  16. Start to forgive yourself and others. We are all injured by the decisions that we make and that others make too. Even if the pain of these experiences is normal, it sometimes goes on for too long. We concentrate on this pain repeatedly and it seems difficult to escape it. However, forgiveness heals. It doesn’t mean that you delete the past, or that you forget what happened. It just means that you accept a lesson and carry it with you in life, like a useful reminder of what to avoid.
  17. Start to pay more attention to your stress level and take short breaks. Slow down. Breathe. Give yourself permission to take a break. It will help you and you will move forward with a clearer mind.
  18. Start to perceive the beauty in little moments.Instead of waiting for some large events that only happen once in a while—weddings, children, graduations, winning the lottery—uncover your happiness in the mini-joys that happen every day. Savour your morning cup of coffee, relish the pleasure of sharing joy with another, notice the heat of your palm under your partner’s grip. Think about it—when was the last time you paid attention to that? Noticing the little joys on a daily basis can cause a big shift in the quality of your life.
  19. Start to accept things even if they are less than perfect. One of the biggest challenges that people who work on themselves learn is to accept things as they are in a certain moment. Sometimes it is better to appreciate the world the way it is and people the way they are than to place your hope in an impossible ideal. This doesn’t mean that you should be satisfied with something that is average, but learn to love and appreciate things even if they are less than perfect. You will experience more happiness in your life.
  20. Start to be more open about how you feel. If you feel injured, give yourself space and time to experience the injury, balance it, come to terms with it and learn from it. Tell your nearest and dearest the truth about how you feel. Allow them to listen to you. The simple act of relieving yourself of the burden on your back and someone understanding it is the first step to making you feel good again.
  21. Start to accept full responsibility for your life. They are your decisions, your mistakes. It’s also your chance to correct them with new decisions (although this will bring new mistakes). In reality, you’re the only being that can directly influence the results in your life. It’s not easy accepting such a role, realising that only a succession of barriers awaits you. Yes, you may feel that you can’t influence everything. On the other hand, you can always influence something. So, invest energy in things that you can influence and work on them as much as possible.
  22. Start to focus on positive options. Your mind must believe that you can do what you want, before you are able to actually do it. Children can’t walk, but they still try—with a crazy faith, because they don’t know that they can’t. Negative thoughts and destructive emotions not only strip you of energy, but also of the determination to try something positive. Learn to replace every negative thought with a positive one. Regardless of how the situation looks, focus on what YOU WANT so that it comes to pass, and then take positive steps in this direction. Whether you are or are not happy and successful depends, over the long term, on the optics you observe the world through.

Remember that the American philosopher Henry David Thoreau wrote that “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”

© Petr Casanova