22 Things You Should Start Doing for Yourself

Oh, how it warms the heart to do something for others...but do you remember how gorgeous it feels to do something for yourself?
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What Angels Forget

They’re called angels, or kind hearts. At every moment, they are thinking about what they could be doing for others, but when was the last time they actually did something for themselves?

When you ask them that question, they are surprised: “Think only about myself? But that’s so SELFISH…”

But focusing on yourself is the best way to help others, because nobody is able to give what they don’t have. Finding peace of mind, building inner strength, brimming with energy, we all need these things so much. We need to nurture our own light so that we can shine it on others, our nearest and dearest and everyone who is important to us.

We need to focus on ourselves just like we need to hear life… Don’t laugh, life really is talking to us, every time barriers hamper us, advice hurts us, and events demand that we change something, that’s life making its opinion known. We need to focus on ourselves so we are strong enough to do as life suggests.

I’ve been writing about living happier lives for many years, in my articles, magazines and in my book. I’ve been talking about the best way to understand life, about the fact that we shouldn’t always complain that life is shaking us around, because it sometimes needs to shake us awake. I’ve been talking about the fact that we should not be angry that it does not bring us what we want, but it gives us what we need.

It’s Not Selfishness – It’s What Gives You Energy for Others

Anyway, because my readers are always thoughtful types I know that you’re naturally thinking of others, but please don’t forget to look after yourself. I have 22 suggestions for you (that some might call selfish) to help you do this. I hope they will make you see that helping yourself is the foundation of the strength and energy that lets you make other people’s lives happier.

Please excuse the informal manner of address throughout this article, but at my personal meetings with subscribers to both of the magazines and with my book customers, they confirm that they prefer the conversational approach. I have to say I’m glad. The formal manner of address just doesn’t seem right for angels.

What to Try to Change

Today is always the beginning of your future, so please commit this day to memory, because it is an important start. With 22 changes to make, you could put them in your diary, but I like to think that you’ll take them to heart and there they’ll stay. Just think of them. Your life will change.

It’s quite possible that the people around you will change also. They will be happy thanks to your better energy, greater joy, and self-realisation. What you spend your time on will start to matter, because the first thing you will start to pay attention to is yourself. You’re the most important person, the only one that you can be sure will be with you until your last breath.

And therefore:

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