The 7 Most Powerful Thoughts That Lift Both Us and Others

Words are powerful. They can move muscles. Let's try to move those in our cheeks so we can feel good.
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When I was young, one girl – very beautiful, yet without any self-confidence – took me by surprise; she said: „I believe that no woman considers herself beautiful until a man, who is capable of making her see her beauty, comes into her life.“

It intrigued me. Do women really need another person in order for them to believe in themselves?

And, it crossed my mind; do men need someone like this too?

That day I stopped wondering at seemingly disparate couples; for example, an interesting woman and an uninteresting man, and vice versa. Until that moment, I had always asked: “For God’s sake, what does he/she see in her/him?” 

It was as equally mysterious for me as when a rich man was not happy or when a poor man joyfully whistled in the rain. Yes, I was young and immature and didn’t know that our satisfaction and balance don’t have to depend on the objective circumstances if we have the satisfaction and balance inside ourselves. And indeed, not all the treasures of the world will make us happy unless we know how to rejoice.

That day I realised that love, happiness, and balance can also be provided by a word or by a mere thought; not only to another person but also to oneself. The right word or thought can change everything.

“I love you”

Three words that can strengthen a relationship and which, frankly, we say more often to others than to ourselves; as if the other person was more important. But what if the other person leaves? Does that mean that we will be left with the ones we loved less?

I will tell you the sad news: Whomever we love, that relationship will, at some point, become a thing of the past. Nothing lasts forever, especially not people. Everything we experience is temporary; it’s the main reason we should be respectful – while we still have time.

It makes no sense to wait for anything good in life; and especially not for love. We foster love for ourselves and for others. People’s hearts are most often broken by unspoken words.

Love cannot be postponed; it is a feeling. And it doesn’t understand the phrase “maybe later”.

“Thank you”

Those who read my book 250 Laws of Love perhaps remembers my memory from childhood when I considered taking care of my surroundings as a matter of course. Things that are a matter of course sometimes bother us; but when they disappear, those who had considered them annoying will miss them.

This is a bizarre story, but it illustrates my pointt exactly. My grandfather once gave me grey tehsil trousers. They were itchy and out of fashion, so I threw them on the ground. I didn’t thank him for them.

My grandfather died the same month and I realized those trousers were the last thing he gave me. Since then, I have thanked him many times in my mind, but it’s not enough to stop me from being sorry for the fact that I never told him in person.

Nowadays, I always thank everyone; for every bit of attention and for every comment.

Because I never know if it is their last one.

“I am old enough to love and respect myself”

No water, no food, and no roof over your head … yes, these are tough times. But, it is still possible to have something that will help you get back on your feet – yourself.

To feel lonely – to not like or respect yourself – these are some of the most difficult anguishes. To feel strange in one’s own eyes, uncomfortable, tied up, and to be unable to escape… It’s even worse than when someone else doesn’t like or respect you. In that case, you can start again somewhere else and with someone else, because you believe in your own value. But how do you start over when you no longer believe in yourself?

We like to turn to friends. They can bring a lot of light and joy into our life. But they cannot fill the emptiness we drain from ourselves. What are the bags of sugar delivered to us good for, if we are sour to ourselves? Is it possible to sweeten and drink soured milk?

Whenever we feel lonely, it is not the fault of others. It means that we are in bad company – above all with ourselves. If we behave badly to ourselves, if we don’t respect ourselves, then we allow others to hurt us.

Whenever we feel lonely, we should begin with the renewal of the most important relationship we have in our lives. It’s the relationship we are dependent on, because it is the only relationship that is guaranteed to last until the end of our lives.

Let’s start by renewing the relationship with ourselves.

There are three important sentences, forming one chain, that will help us.

Let’s learn them.

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