When Angels Change Their Face: 5 Steps from Hell

If I want, I can destroy you. You are the one who is losing your temper, not me.
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If I want, I can destroy you. You are the one who is losing your temper, not me.

WHY? You are asking at that moment.

But to no effect, there is no positive answer.

However, it does not matter. The solution to situations in which there is no positive answer is to make positive steps forward.

Every coin has two sides. However, one side never changes before you turn the coin.

But with people, it is possible.

You know one face for years. Then the coin turns over and you get to know an entirely opposite face. And the coin cannot be turned back, because the original face does not exist any more.

Have you ever had a partner who has changed completely after a breakup (divorce)? The one that loved you now hates you? The one who would have done anything for you wants to take everything away now?

Did you see them as an angel, but now you are going through living hell?

Did you come to a deadlock because you would like to believe in the past but that does not exist any more?

Do you find it hard to come to terms with the new reality?

Would you like to reverse or change it, but there’s no way to do it?

The person who knew everything about you has become an adversary, turning everything you have ever told them against you.

I know it very well…

It was an experience in which I could find no positive message at first. After I had found the courage to take the few positive steps I will be writing about today, I started to see the positive aspects of that situation.

First of all, I realised one cannot live a complicated life. Since then, my life has been very simple. I like people I can read well. Who say what they think. And do what they say. Everything else is complicated, pointless and undesirable for me.

I pushed out people with two faces from my life. I used to have them as a child. I bent down before teachers and slandered them behind their backs. I boasted that I didn’t care about girls, crying under the pillow I didn’t have one. I was teasing the weak, but in fact I dreaded the thought that one day I could be in their place.

I needed to experience the falsehood in order to recognise it in other people.

Oh dear, I am not happy in the marriage…

“I am not happy in the marriage,” a friend of mine told me.

“I am happy with you,” he told his wife.

“I am happy with you,” he told his colleague.

I am not envious of people’s two faces. I cannot wear skirts and trousers at the same time. I do not know how to say yes and no simultaneously. I cannot understand those who soft-soap someone, cutting their throat at the same time. They are too complicated for me and I am primitively simple.

How should I approach such people?

What should I do if I cannot push them out of my life?

How should I put up with them, at least in my head?

Before I proceed, let me explain: all of the following steps have one thing in common – they are positive. They do not involve revenge. They do not involve any negations. In fact, negative acts bring negative results, and my primitive way of thinking cannot see any reason why we should strive for negative results.

In the following lines, we will learn to see even bad people positively. We will come to understand the contact with them as a vaccination process. If we want to produce long-term antibodies against someone, we need to let them into our body, into our mind.

And what should we do with the parasite now?

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