The Seven Laws of Karma or On a Life Through Which We Grow

What would be the point of dreams and desires if fate was determined in advance?
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There are some circumstances we can rely on more and some we can rely on less.

And then there are circumstances on which we can rely completely.

These are the laws—of the universe, nature, life, fate—choose the name you want.

The law of karma is one of them.

Why is it good to know about it? How does it influence our life? And how do we influence it?

“It’s fate, you know?” responds the communist teacher Sasha (played by Jaroslav Dusek) in the film Cosy Dens after another ”karma”, a gas water heater based on a design introduced by the firm Karma, burns his hair. Although this device bears the name of the company’s founder, Karel Machacek, it has a lot in common with universal karma.

In a live FB broadcast I was asked a lot of questions about karma. If you regularly read Improovio, you will know that I sometimes focus on the laws between heaven and earth. I also address the issue of dharma—fate which we do not create and that brings us life challenges, obstacles and problems, to our benefit or detriment. From the viewpoint of our everyday approach to life, karma is more important because it directly influences what happens to us, how we treat the people around us and how our life is shaped.

Because on the internet I don’t have as much space as in a 100-page magazine, and certainly not as much as in a 300-page book, I will try to clarify karma in short, easy to understand examples.

Fingerprints in the Mind

Let’s imagine plasticine. Whether we stick a nail or push a thumb into it, a trace always remains. Our mind is just like plasticine.

Everything we decide on—every action, word, idea—leaves a fingerprint in our mind, and can be positive or negative. The method in which we experience life is only the materialisation of fingerprints in our mind. In other words:

Imagine a mould into which we pour fresh plaster. The mould is our mind. When the plaster hardens, the whole world sees the actual shape of what is inside our mind. Like when a forensic scientist takes a cast of a suspect’s footprint in the mud.

We experience everything twice; first in the mind, then in reality. This is because our minds determine our actions and our actions influence results. So ideas become substantive. How we think leads to our happiness or suffering. In other words: Nobody can avoid the consequences of their thoughts/actions. By thinking, talking or acting they primarily reward or punish themselves.

Punished by Yourself

Currently, among other cases, I am dealing with the bad karma of a man who tried to humiliate his wife for a long time. He abused and criticised every little thing to show her how inferior and meaningless she was in his life. Karma willingly created a “plaster cast” for him.

If we don’t appreciate something in life, karma will take it from us. If we don’t appreciate our health, we will get sick. If we don’t appreciate money, we will lose it. If we don’t appreciate our partner, sooner or later we will find ourselves without them. The man therefore lost a person whose inferiority and meaninglessness he had told everybody about. And suddenly… he changed course.

His wife soon found the arms of a man who appreciated her. The man realised that his negative thinking and behaviour had created a negative result (for him)—by driving her away he had taught the woman to live without him, or rather to live with another man, and the woman would not come back the way a little dog would. He had lost his target. And not only that.

The happier she became, the more unhappy he was. He was crazed by her “unfaithfulness” in “leaving him,” and most of all by the realisation that he had caused it himself—that he had lost a person he needed.

In the past he had never been able to forgive her (even for what she did only in his mind), so karma showed and is still showing him what it is like to not be able to forgive yourself. Now he is experiencing what she experienced the whole time; powerlessness. The impossibility of changing anything. Torture.

What does karma want from us exactly?

How do you stop fearing life more than you fear death?

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