How Broken Wings Are Healed or Ten Things We Have to Do for Ourselves

When you feel that your life has fallen into darkness, brighten yourself—you have the light inside you.
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“I’ll change”—we say, or hear. We believe that it’s possible—that we will overcome ourselves, our limits, or that others can do it. We give ourselves or others a chance. We are like angels that keep believing—keep standing by a person. And then… It doesn’t work.

With each additional failure we believe less in ourselves and others. We collapse into scepticism: “What if what is important never works out?” “How can we believe, when it has not worked out yet?” “How can we get at least one positive idea started?”

My book 250 Laws of Love, is about doing things our own way—a way that nobody around us believes in and sometimes we don’t even believe in ourselves. It’s about doubts competing with what we regard as right, when we are worried about the unknown. We worry about repeating mistakes when we have already experienced several falls and injured our wings. In our anxiety we know what we should not do; and yet, we don’t know what we should do.

The whole book will focus on many areas of human endeavour—from ways to strengthen our health, to moving towards better relations for success in a number of areas where we doubt ourselves. How are broken wings healed in scepticism? This is what my book 250 Laws of Love—with lots of interesting people who inspire us with their lives—is about.

Based on their examples, here are ten mini-recommendations that helped them at critical moments. No matter what disappointment you are experiencing, you will never forget these pieces of advice:

Whenever you have the feeling that the past was good, you are wrong—everything that is good is in front of you, all you have to do is think differently.

1. Let’s Start to Realise How Lucky We Are

“I feel terrible. It can’t get any worse. I’m living a meaningless life.”

This is “only” a feeling, but it can swamp us. Feelings are the basis of everything; they lead to ideas, ideas to actions and actions to results. We have to take care of good feelings.

Feelings have one benefit—they can be exchanged for others. All you have to do is rise above the moment, thereby obtaining a bird’s eye view.

If we take a bird’s eye view of any bad event or circumstance in our life, we’ll see that we’re doing well. Europeans have what 90 per cent of the world’s population does not. We usually have a roof over our heads, access to drinking water, electricity available at the push of a button, doctors, the internet, free education. In the morning we have clothes to wear, in the evening we have a place to go to sleep. This isn’t all a matter of course; if you look at it globally, it’s a luxury.

Materially, each of us has more than most people in the world. So what do we lack that we regard our life as being so poor?

2. Start to Focus on What Brings Positive Energy

What we focus our attention on gives our life energy or takes it away. We are not the victims of fate; we make our own.

If we pay attention to events, circumstances or people with bad energy, we won’t feel good. It is not possible to have a positive life with negative energy.

Whatever bad is happening to us, around us there are lots of sources of good energy that we overlook; and that’s what makes us feel good. Let’s focus on it—the weekend’s starting.

We can never influence everything that happens to us. But we can always influence how we approach it. Whether we let ourselves get fed up with it or…

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