Ten reasons why men humiliate women, or The weak “tough guys”

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“If you want to show your power, do not do harm when you can.” Dalai Lama

There are only two types of men – the strong and the weak.

When the Roman emperor wanted to show his power, he pardoned those condemned to death. If he were to kill them, he would show his weakness. Applying strength against weaker people is always a weakness.

When a man does not give his seat up for a woman in the underground, he is a weakling.

When he does not help her with her jacket, hold the door, pull a chair out in a restaurant, he is a weakling because he apparently does not have enough strength to do any of these actions.

Whoever, within his intellect, knows the rules of proper behaviour toward women and does not apply them because he does not know how to cope with his shyness and pettiness (“What would the others say if I were to help my wife pick up the things she dropped?”) is not a tough guy, but a weakling.

The “strength” of male weaklings is expressed in three basic ways (my recent cases):

1) Feeling of guilt

A husband, unsuccessful in his career, blames his wife for his failure. “It is your fault that I…” He does not accept that the main fault can be within him. His punishment for this behaviour is a future that will never get better. One of the assumptions for a change for the better is accepting responsibility for one’s mistakes. A man that repeats his mistakes is not able to fix them.

2) Feeling of inadequacy

A husband, unsuccessful in his career, daily sinks into a sea of pornographic films. He demonstrates to his wife in different ways that she is losing her charm, she is aging, going stale, beginning to be physically inadequate. He pushes her to undergo plastic surgery. He creates a total complex for the women because he talks her out of being herself. This case has a happy ending. Usually, there is another man who tells the woman that she is exactly what he needs. Because what others say about us is much less about us and much more about them.

3) Feeling of submissiveness

A boss suffers from the illusion that his career is threatened by a few capable women. He really feels threatened because they have higher qualifications and the talent for constructively working with others. He likes to get personal. He attacks the fundamentals – femininity. He abuses his position to make them leave the company. The company he manages. One, which should prosper. One, which needs capable people.

No, this truly is not strength.

This is the ultimate weakness.

Why do men even do this to women? Why do they demonstrate their strength, even when nobody questions their physical superiority?

Why are streets and offices filled more with hicks rather than gentlemen?

Why do they constantly compete regarding “whose is bigger”?

And mainly, why do they have so many bad words especially for capable women?

Men have come up with jokes about blondes, whom they themselves see as more attractive. Why?

Men have come up with terms like “gold digger” or “careerist”. Why, when men themselves pursue the golden calf and a career much more aggressively?

Why do they say that unfaithful women are whores, when unfaithful men are womanizers?

The answer is simple. Men are like diamonds. They seem to be the toughest thing in the world. But all it takes is a good shot into one fissure – just a small tap with a hammer – and the mineral turns to dust.

In fact, tough guys are so fragile that every woman has a hold on them. Especially successful women. There are 10 fissures in men that can efficiently be tapped:

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