8 neglected advantages of solitude: Why you shouldn’t waste the chance to live your own life 100%

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Saturday. When you’re alone, it’s a tough day. There’s a lack of work and chat from colleagues, allowing time for your thoughts – sometimes self-blaming, recapitulation, why you don’t have anyone by your side. It’s hard to work and build something new when you have this priority in your head. Is it possible to find something positive in seclusion, do you think?

Does it bother you that you’re single, you want to change it, but you are trying to find a suitable partner in vain? Are they all already taken or have died out?

Do you suffer from friends and family constantly offering advice, and nobody wants to talk about anything else?

Sometimes a feeling of emptiness affects you and makes you feel less comfortable with meaningful activity?

If you have already read 10 steps to overcome betrayal by a partner, let’s take a look at unusual advantages of solitude today. It can be a precious stage of life that we can use for something that we could never do with a partner.

Don’t you believe it?

And because I don’t want to teach anyone about relationships, I will hand over to a more appropriate person, an interesting lady who knows all about relationships. A coach and lecturer. How can we benefit from solitude, in her experience? Enjoy some beautiful Saturday reading!

1st benefit of solitude: We have time to clear out the “mental candyfloss”

Have you found yourself alone? Super. You can start working the way you have always wanted. The first step is called a mental restart. Don’t hesitate to feel fresh and full of energy. How can you do it?

Get rid of the unnecessary ballast and deposits we carry around in our heads. This applies to all the self-destructive instructions from our subconscious. All the bad thought patterns from the past will be released, and replaced with a new positive force.

Discover who or what causes us negative feelings, who or what limits us.

And what weighs us down, all the wrongs, sorrows, and other negative feelings, drop into an imaginary bucket.

You don’t know how to do it, do you?

First of all, they need to be discovered, root around in them and scrape them out, all of the things which bring pain. To relive them emotionally means to experience the pain, but also crying it away. Only in this way can we draw a thick line under them and start with positive assertions and, full of energy, we can launch into our plans.

To begin thinking positively in spite of all the injustices is just a start, a short-term patch. Negatives may come back in a more intense form after some time. Every wound, in order to heal and not go bad must be cleansed, and this takes time. Let’s work through this phase. It pays off in the end. In the long run, we will be beautifully relieved, the old wounds will heal, and we will see everything cleaner, clearer, and discover new possibilities.

To do that, solitude is ideal, because we have no silly crutch with a suspensive effect. No excuses. Mental cleaning is the same as cleaning a house or flat, preventing chaos and clutter. But the result is brilliant, we have everything straightened out, the dirt is gone. That is why mental cleansing is important before we throw ourselves into something new. Life gets a new shine. For some, this method is not easy, but if they do it, they will have the strength to move forward in life, having taken advantage of the solitude for their own growth.

Let’s not forget that we usually don’t solve the problem at the level where it was created. We need a fresh outlook, distance, we need time. We also start a new relationship with a clean and fresh head.

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