10 negative thoughts that prevent our success

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You know it’s true: Whatever we picture happening, will happen.

The more we don’t want something to happen, the more likely it is.

But why? Perhaps fate can read our minds…

What we do know for sure is that we, ourselves, are our own fate.

We rely on our thoughts. Our thoughts create feelings. Our feelings give rise to our actions. And our actions have results. In other words: Behind every positive result, there is an initial, positive, thought. By contrast, negative thoughts predetermine our failure. Effectively, we guide ourselves towards whatever outcome we’ve been picturing.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you are always right.” – Henry Ford

Improovio explains how successful people cast away their negative thoughts. But which thoughts are the most harmful? Which thoughts should we dismiss? Below, you’ll find an overview of 10 internal time-bombs which deprive us of our most valuable assets: faith, courage, and progress.

1) “If I haven’t achieved it by now, I never will”

It might appear that failed efforts and former mistakes are the measure of our skills, and our hopes for the future. If we haven’t succeeded by now, why should we believe that we ever will? Let me tell you why.

If we’d had similar thoughts from birth, we’d have fallen into serious depression right away. We’d have been convinced to never speak a word, never write a letter, and never take our first step. Unsuccessful attempts, and mistakes, are not the end of the world; they’re simply part of the growth process. Defeat is temporary. Giving up is permanent.

2) “What would other people think of me?”

Do you need a change, but are too afraid to take a new direction, fearing disapproval from those around you? Are you afraid that no-one will support you, or understand you, and people will even talk badly of you? Or have people already gossiped about you behind your back? If so, that’s fine. This is precisely where those people belong: behind our backs. Turn away, and ignore them.

Maybe someone once told you that only weak people ignore their problems. However, being strong doesn’t always mean wading into every battle, and winning. In fact, more often, being strong means walking away without a word. You can, of course, count on being spoken about some more, when you leave those people behind, to wallow in their own negativity.

3) “One day, I’ll make changes for my happiness”

Excuse me a moment, while I grab my diary. What date, specifically, is this “one day” you talk about? I can’t seem to find it in the calendar…

Can I offer you a hard truth? Yes? Ok. Today you’re the oldest you’ve ever been in your life and, at the same time, the youngest you’ll ever be. There will never be a better day than today, to set out in pursuit of your dreams. As of tomorrow, you’ll have less and less time for your plans. I do hope that your “one day” wasn’t in the past…

Do other negative thoughts consume you?

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