Please transplant my heart, or Why we are all able to give only what we have

A terrible feeling. You have to be grateful, you know it’s better for you; yet you cannot let go of the previous one. Why is this happening? What is life trying to tell us??
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A terrible feeling. You have to be grateful, you know it’s better for you; yet you cannot let go of the previous one. Why is this happening? What is life trying to tell us??

Friday, my day for meeting with my publications readers.

From the table where I was waiting, I could see through the window of the café that she was coming with a handsome man. But she left him outside, so he wasn’t at our meeting.

“Do you have a problem with him?” I asked.

“With him, not at all,” she surprised me. “With my previous partner.”

I jumped on this. “Is he seeking revenge? Is someone seeking revenge on him?” I motioned towards the glass. “Does he want you back?”

She hung her head, and then shook it. “He just doesn’t care about me, and I cannot get him out of my head. Or rather,” she hesitated, “from my heart.”

What do you think a man needs to do to stay in a woman’s heart forever?

The one we talked about just left, leaving a woman with pain. That’s all he needed to do for immortality in her heart.

She had spent years trying unsuccessfully to get over him.

Maybe you could say: Time will heal. No, in this case, time could not heal, but rather just made it harder to bear. She saw him every day. When she found out how just how happy he was, it always felt like opening up the same old wound. How can you heal in this case?

The first few days weren’t too bad. She saw him with a new woman, and she hoped that it wouldn’t work out for them. But then she saw them for weeks, months – together, happy, expecting a family. And it was like pouring salt on the wound.

She thought about him, in her own words, “twice a day” – when she was alone, and when she was with someone other than him. Which was all of the time.

She couldn’t manage by herself, day after day. She hoped that she would overcome her pain with someone new.

Now he stood by the café. He did not know what he meant to her. He was a cardiac surgeon who was going to perform a live heart transplant – without even knowing it.

She was afraid. For two reasons.

Firstly that she would not forget the one who came before.

And fall in love AGAIN with someone who isn’t really who or what he appears to be.

She was afraid that she would ONCE AGAIN give someone her time, ONCE AGAIN give up a certain part of her life that she would never get back.

In her inner confusion, she begged life not to let her ONCE AGAIN regret…

I watched her and felt her main fear, expressed in nine letters: ONCE AGAIN. I heard the voices that were fighting inside her…

“If no relationship has worked before, what makes you think you will get out of the next one unscathed?” said her Experience.

“It’s risky, and you have no guarantee that it will work out for you,” added her Reason.

I wanted to be her Heart, and whisper to her: “In spite of everything, dear Experience and wise Reason, give it a chance.”

I know how it is – positive vibes, feelings of happiness, but also old painful memories. Everything in the same heart.

I know what it is like – telling someone: “I love you, but …”. Those three words that repel like a magnet. How can we ever even consider combining I love you and BUT?

I know what it is like – to blame life when we do not get what we deserve, without realizing that if people do not get what they deserve, it’s often because they are too busy clinging to what they should have long ago dismissed.

I know what it is like to ask, “How can I forget?” Nature knows all too well why we should not forget. Trying to forget about someone we loved is like trying to remember someone we’ve never met.

We do not forget about anyone who is a part of our history. And thanks to them, we move forward.

Outside she had a great man. Understanding. He knew that a woman is like a flower. Fragile – you must not touch it without sensitivity, otherwise it will lose its fragrance and stop blooming.

He knew he had to pamper her, to water her. And at the same time, she must try to understand why women actually love the men who leave them, instead of being glad that they are just gone.

These are questions that I am often asked in my FB profile: How can we change someone’s heart without cutting into it with a scalpel?

How should both of them proceed?

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