A strong man for a strong woman, or What Alphas need in a relationship

The stronger the pillars, the stronger the bridge.
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“I have an amazing woman,” he boasted. “Self-sufficient, self-confident, independent.” Then he faltered. “Damn … What does she actually need a relationship for? What does she need me for?”

He needed to feel that the woman needs him, that she can’t do without him …

Maybe he will provide for her. But she was able to provide for herself …

Or that he could solve her problems. But she was able to solve them herself …

She didn’t sit like a dejected victim, waiting for a miracle, for her man to come up with a saving solution, answering her question. It was him who was full of questions – mainly of How to handle her power?.

About wild horses

Alphas are impressive people – they know what they want and how to achieve it, and then they remember how much effort it cost them. They don’t wait for their partner to take the first step or to follow them. They are not submissive. They just go, with or without the other person.

They attract others. Like wild horses. People want to take control of them, so they hunted them inconceivably until they exterminated them in many places. For example, tarpans. These horses always threw weak people, but they respected strong people. Like Alphas do in life.

My friend tried to tame her “the good way”. He offered her the moon if she stopped working and became dependent on him, he wanted to decide about her time, her freedom, proved to her how much he would conform and sacrifice to her, and asked the same from her. He didn’t succeed. She was like a tarpan who refused to be caught with a lasso.

So he tried it the bad way. Sugar became a whip. He didn’t show up for dates, made sure he was seen embracing other people, tried to show how self-sufficient and independent he was – how he “didn’t need” her. Unfortunately he forgot that Alphas don’t waste time. They are not less vulnerable than other women, and this is the reason why they soon leave the pain they feel from lies, falsity and insincerity, and most importantly, they don’t return.

About a glass and water

“Strong people,” I explained to my devastated friend, “don’t have an easy past. They are strong because they grew stronger in the past. We all grow stronger by overcoming hardship, pain, loss. These people often cry not because they are weak, but because they have been strong for too long.”

In the garden restaurant, I took a two-decilitre glass and a half-litre bottle of mineral water. And I poured. The water soon overflowed, and I told my friend a story: “The water represents hardship, pain, loss. When there is too much of them in life, you understand that you will have to change something,” I stopped pouring, “that you don’t need more water.”

You can see many Alphas living alone with their children. They want it that way. Small children, especially, understand the meaning of giving, appreciate support, help, love, and return everything to their mothers. They can be – although it is hard to read – better life partners than many men.

Alphas are strong as a result of their difficult past. They don’t look back, as that would make them weaker. On the contrary, they look ahead – in their minds, they overcome all bad things, creating a stronger future. This is the principle based on which Alphas are born and become increasingly stronger. And this is also the reason why they don’t return to weak people. They know that the weak cannot give anything but hardship, pain, loss. The water they are already full of.

If you have a difficult past and experience with so many losses, you are simply experienced. You see more. Alphas can see lies through “true words”. They have a special sense to feel falsity and selfishness. If you try anything of it with Alphas, they might leave immediately, without explanation. The full glass simply won’t hold more water.

About a jug that leaks

“What should I do to make her come back?” his desperate eyes asked. “Tarpans,” I recalled the wild horses, “don’t return to the places where they suffered.” Alphas don’t wait either. They don’t play psychological games. They don’t have complex thinking. Their logic is pure and simple. If someone injures them, they go to the places where they can lick their wounds, and then they stand up ready to go after what they want in their lives.

Alphas are the best mirror of human beings. Their reactions show us what we are like. Women-Alphas love unconditionally, nurturing a relationship with love, because they know that love will not be lost in a healthy relationship. It is like with a jug that you fill with a good drink. If you fill it and the drink still disappears, then it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you, but with the jug – someone takes from it but doesn’t put anything back in it.

That is why so many Alphas can be seen among single mothers. They have a jug that doesn’t leak – with little children who return their support, love and help, who fight for their mum, because she deserves it. Unfortunately, some men are unable to treat Alphas well, because they don’t know what unconditional love is, and they think about how they could benefit from the jug themselves.

Since little children understand the depth of giving, they are often better life companions for Alphas than their own partners. If there is a break in the relationship, women-Alphas leave with the child. They are not alone. They are with someone who knows their value.

It is not easy to keep an Alpha. And that’s good. What is difficult is worth it.

But how can you manage to do it?

How should you behave so as not to end up like my friend?

What exactly do Alphas need, even though they don’t seem to need anything?

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