Waiting for the right partner: How to be the right one for the right one

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If fleas appear in our apartment, we throw them out. But what do we do when we get a flea in our ear?

What if it never gets better?

What if the best is all behind me?

Should I compromise on my principles? Go back to what troubled me? Stop believing?

There is no question about the fact that the main battlefield of our life is in our head. We decide when to give ourselves a chance to try something new, if we expect success.

Before being successful, we don’t know it will happen, and we can doubt that it ever will. Every successful person has overcome this stage. They endured, believed in what they were not and were, to some extent, an idealist. That’s what we do when we wait for a better partner.

What if none exist?

What if – if they do actually exist – we don’t find them?

What if they finally turn out to be the same as the previous one, and we are just wasting our time?

Yes, that is just how the proverbial flea in our ear talks.

I remember the anxiety, the awareness that I couldn’t influence everything. The inner hardship of meeting happy couples – what if there was no one left for me?

When I talked to those who waited for success/a partner, I found out that what I called happiness, they called patience. What I said was coincidence, they called faith. They called being at the right place at the right time an actively discovered point along the way.

When you are patient and believe in success, you will not stop going forward. You are on the right path, and one day you will hit the right time. So with time, you become the right one for the right one.”

But how can you reprogramme yourself? How do you really make yourself believe? Why not put the same energy into not trusting, which is more comfortable?

And how could it be that some people were unable to find a good partner for many years, and then, when they had one, suddenly they could not reject other suitors?

This is perhaps the law of accountability?

What we must realise above all else

The main laws on planet Earth are the Law of Attraction and the Law of Conservation of Energy. They are complementary in one aspect, and coincide completely: What you do, you attract.

Many people are superficial. Literally superficial. They base themselves on the five basic senses we focus on, according to science. Sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. So they depend on their appearance to capture the first impression. That’s alright. But people also decide based on other senses that cannot be measured. They are emotion, and above all, intuition. Yes, we are able to EXPLAIN who does not sit well with us, even though we do not know about the subject (the main sensory organs), and we have no personal reality with it. Yet they still repel/attract us.

In my posts, I regularly look at SOMETHING. In this article, I will list three of the many components. They can be worked on now, in the partner waiting room. Why do it? For the moment, I will tell you two reasons 1. These components help determine how appealing we will be to others, 2. We will be relieved of the trouble of waiting.

Think about it, please.

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