Turn down your inner radio: 33 thoughts to help break free from stress

Find a moment for yourself. Consider why we spend so little time by ourselves.
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According to the Statistical Office, the most frequent cause of death in the Great Britain is cardiovascular disease (including cardiac diseases, myocardial infarction, and vascular brain diseases).

Reasons include: an unhealthy diet, little exercise, and, most importantly, stress. It’s almost as though someone’s sprayed it in the air. People breathe it in, and then breathe it out towards others. Peace, hope and health are lost.

I like traveling to other continents, mainly to islands, because stress isn’t welcome there. People smile more and worry less about lifestyle diseases.

Every time I find myself stressed out over there, people stop me and ask: “Why are you rushing around?”

Why are we the ones who are like that?

And, why aren’t they?

When you ask an aborigine in the Pacific Ocean islands what’s most important to him, he says peace. A businessman within the tourism industry, Mathew gave up on the Great Britain because of crippling stress. Together with his wife, he started a new life in Bali. He says: “People in Bali could work somewhere else for more money, but they won’t. When I ask why, they tap on the left side of their chest and say: ‘To keep a healthy heart’. They wouldn’t trade their health for more money. When you shout at a Balinese, or you try to stress him out, he will leave. He won’t want you to damage his health. Money became a religion in our world. We made ourselves believe that we can’t live without it. But we can, and what’s more, even more easily, and better.”

Why are people in these countries happier?

How do they stop stress from entering their bodies?

I’m going to tell you how they think.

Peace. It’s not a specific place on Earth, free of noise, problems and hard work.

These people seek peace within themselves.

For them, peace means being in the centre of the noise, problems and hard work, while feeling humble and happy at the same time.

How do we achieve this?

What do we do when the radio is on full blast, and we need to concentrate?

Let’s imagine a radio with dials for switching stations and adjusting the volume. When the radio is at full volume and we need to think through something important, we instinctively turn the radio down to get more peace.

People in these countries can do the same within themselves. The only difference is that the noise they need to turn down isn’t coming from a device, but from their own heads, where their fears drown out their desires.

Our inner-self is sometimes much like a radio. A radio that’s tuned into the wrong frequency… Whistling, squawking.

We need to retune our radios to receive perfectly clear soundwaves.

We need to clean the thoughts that we create in our heads.

I’m going to tell you the 33 thoughts that particularly grabbed my attention in countries where stress is well-managed…

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