Anchors that prevent us from leaving bad waters: 7 ways of cutting them off

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1) We are all able to open ourselves to new ideas and experiences

Before, I was speaking about a boat. A boat is safest within a port. However, no ships are built for this purpose.

Accepting a healthy level of risk in life is both important and vital. What exactly do I mean by a healthy level? A healthy risk is one that can lead us to a better position. If we repeat the same mistakes again and again, we cannot expect better results. However, if we renounce old mistakes, we will probably set foot on a path which we have never followed before. When we do this we usually feel concerns. It is logical. As in the case of any change, we lose the original certainty. But allow me a question: What certainty? Yes, the certainty of bad results. Any time a mountain climber wants to climb higher, they must lose the rock in their hand; otherwise, they cannot climb any higher. It is not possible to achieve success without taking some risks. It is not possible to become wiser if we keep our minds closed to new experiences.

All new things start with the word “yes”. A “yes” enables a person to grow. By saying “yes” a person dares to make new discoveries and gather new knowledge. For English speakers the word “experience” describes this process. It means both 1) feeling, enjoying something and 2) getting to know or obtaining knowledge or experience. English speakers do not need any more words for this term. They express it all with this one word. A new feeling or enjoying something shall always mean getting to know or obtaining new knowledge or experiences.

2) We are all able to follow our intuition

At any moment, we have a choice: Either to remain crushed by our problems or to be led by our dreams.

I say: We live the life that we want to live. Let us be the person, the acts of whom we will gladly remember after many years. Yes, it is unpleasant, sometimes we have to be our own hero and do the things which we would normally expect others to do. But nobody else can make the change for us. Nobody can.

What does it actually mean to follow one’s intuition? It is not enough to just make decisions. It is necessary to implement them. It does not matter if we fail during the implementation of a decision. We can always get up and try it again. Life is so gracious that even if we fall a thousand times, we always have one more chance to try again. And, in the end, if we do not achieve our dreams, our heart will be filled anyway – because we tried our best to achieve them.

In our hearts we all have a fire, which we can or even have to keep. Otherwise, we will die out. Intuition counsels us what we should do at every moment. If you cannot hear your inner voice, I advise you: Relax and search for a place and a moment when there will be total silence and peace. Then you will hear it. Intuition has a soft voice but it is always worth listening to and obeying.

3) We are all able to be honest with ourselves

Please, let us be honest with ourselves concerning what is really right for us, as well as concerning what we need to change. Let us be fair in saying what we want to achieve in life and who we want to become. Let us be honest with ourselves in all aspects of life. As soon as we realize what we really want in life, we realize that we have the ability to go after it. All of us have the ability to make decisions. We can also improve our decisions by means of our newly acquired experience.

There is a snag though. We need to assume responsibility for our life. People are afraid of responsibility. But responsibility means fabulous freedom. It means being the director of your own life. It is both dazzling and crushing at the same time. Like being a director of a big company, for example. Many people envy managerial benefits but they would not want the managerial responsibility. However, one without the other is never possible in life.

In this aspect, life is very hard. If a person does not want to assume responsibility for themself, somebody else will assume responsibility for them. Such a person then becomes a tool of others; an executor of the wishes and objectives of others, instead of his or her own. They should not complain about it. Indeed, they had a chance to make a decision. And they still have it.

4) We are all able to achieve more in life

Let us not be bothered with others. Those who have not achieved what they wanted in life will continue to tell us that we will not achieve anything either. But a change always makes a difference. I love changes because they always enable me to realize that much more can be achieved in life; more than finding somebody with whom we will be unhappy.

Therefore, enjoy new adventures, discover undreamed-of passions; walk through new places and find new stimuli there, new signs; read, speak, live. Get dressed however you feel at that moment; give to others without expecting anything in return. Laugh, enjoy. That is what life is for. It does not need to be empty and painful at all.

5th insight: What shall we do for a change?

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