How to recognise a soulmate – 7 signs which you can read by the soul and not the eyes

The eyes help you to have a sense of direction in the material world. If you close them in the emotional world, you will concentrate better on what your feeling says to you. You will more likely recognise a soulmate you have previously kept your eyes on without knowing.
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Soulmate = kindred spirits. Plato used it first.

Two couples were sitting opposite each other at two tables. Both of them were silent.

The younger couple had eyes only for each other. The man in the older couple took his wife’s hand and nodded towards the younger couple and discreetly whispered: “Do you remember when we were like them?”

The woman smiled and nodded.

Suddenly, a tiered cream-cake decorated with the number “50” was brought into the restaurant and the older couple accepted congratulations from the staff for reaching their golden anniversary.

The younger couple stirred. The young man realised why his girlfriend’s eyes were wet with tears. “I cannot wait until we are like them.”

I was waiting in that restaurant for two of my readers.

The first one – a man – who believed many years ago that he had found the love of his entire life. He had not experienced such feelings before. It had to be his fate…

They got married, had children. Yes, there were problems, however, he knew that they belonged to love…

But then… she appeared… a woman completely different… the opposite of his wife, who in the light of this new face and body looked somehow hackneyed, boring and worthless.

“Shall I leave for HER?“ he asked me. Since this woman gave him such strong, true feelings – truer than before – she must be his soulmate after all, he thought!

The second reader I was waiting for was a woman stuck in the wrong relationship for half her life. She knew it for years and was only waiting for the so-called “right moment” to leave.

Until a kid is not so little…

Until the second one grows up…

Until both of them are at school…

Until they find a job…

A lot of until, until, until…

Until she suddenly became aware of the age at which it is not simple to start again. How can she leave NOW?

“I have not met any soulmate so far. What if such stories apply only to others and there is nobody like that for me anywhere? What if even a bad partner is the best I can hope for in my life? What if I end – whoops, it is a horrible word – alone?” She worried me with her thoughts.

Oh, how to explain to those who make decisions through the mind what is possible to comprehend through the heart only?

When you open your eyes…

Have a look around. You see a world of couples. We have two eyes, ears, nostrils, hands, legs… even the brain and heart is divided into two half. Of course, even the soul has its kindred half.

Around 400 BC, Plato wrote about the so-called “soulmate”. He explained that ancient people had originally four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. A God divided them to dedicate life to searching – for SOMETHING which they were not able to name but they would sense when they MET it.

They did not sense it by normal senses – eyesight, hearing, smell or touch. They had to involve what they had forgotten to use in normal life – the soul.

According to Plato, this is how the Gods guaranteed that people would never despise their soul – the life radar which is needed not only in love.

When you close your eyes…

How to “see” through the soul? How to trust it when we are not used to trusting anything we cannot see with our eyes?

It is sometimes fun, when people doubt their own intuition. How they try to judge love by mind or eyesight. Yet, the soulmate is to be recognised in a different way.

As I write in my books when you meet your soulmate, she/he is different from others. So special that…

He/she can tell you stories for a long period of time and you will not be bored. He/she can share with you his/her sorrows, worries and mistakes and you will not be judgemental. He/she can entrust you with his/her successes and you will not be jealous because you are on his/her side.

All this because it is not a stranger. It is “you”.

At the moment your soulmate enters your life you KNOW that you will not be able to find a replacement.

As if they are the lock and you the key. Your only thought is: “So it is you who I have been waiting for the whole time…”

There are not two souls in one relationship but one soul in two people

As you become accustomed to each other, you realise that you cannot keep anything secret because you are the lock and the key – permanently and mutually unlocked.

You can reveal your whole self and your soulmate does not mind. On the contrary, your partner is happy when you are yourself. You sense for the first time how it feels to be loved for WHO you are and not for who you pretend to be.

More and more you begin to accept that you are not two souls creating one relationship but that your relationship is made up of one soul in two bodies.

You merge. You do not need to use your mouths for talking. You understand each other in silence, because you finally comprehend that your fated relationship is not only about words. It is about the mutual connection of beings who understand each other much more when they communicate through the soul, mind and heart. And so you proceed, side by side, through whatever you encounter.

Love stops being for you the state of telling the other person why you love him/her. It becomes a state in which you are unable to find words to describe what you really feel.

You have found your soulmate. The yin to your yang, which you must not let go because without it you would not be complete. If such a person became your best friend, you would feel it as a loss.

The soulmate is more than a best friend.

How to search for him/her?

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