8 sentences that can change lives

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Allow me a question: Why is human the most powerful animal on Earth?

What is the biggest?

The strongest?

The most widespread?

Or even the smartest?

No, man isn’t any of those. But in spite of that, he is in command. Whenever he feels like it, he makes another form of flora or fauna extinct. He has even started to wipe out his own kind.

All animals are afraid of man. Because he is unpredictable. He acts without need. He attacks without being threatened.

Man is so unpredictable that sometimes he does what he does not want to do. He uses subtle weapons nature has given him against his own kind.

“It’s only a word,” man says. But the word is not just something useless. The word is energy. It can hurt and kill. Can support and save a life. Can motivate, recharge, inspire. It is so powerful that when we properly arrange words, we can radically change the moment. One’s life. Or someone else’s life.

In order to influence one’s life, one has to be able to make decisions. The biggest problem with decisions is when we are waiting for a time to do what we have chosen to do. Why are we always postponing what we want or need to do? Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing right now.

There are 8 sentences that successful people state more often than unsuccessful people. Unsuccessful people don’t know this way of putting words together. Successful people have found out that when they use these words, then what they had long planned, they have in fact already finished. Do you say these words often enough?

You have plans. You have aims. You have ideas.

But honestly, who cares?

In fact, you have nothing until you actually start working on it.

We all are reluctant, we all doubt whether we are going the right way. We are all afraid of the unknown and of failure. But fear cannot stop us without reason. Grab the first plan, the first goal, the first idea. And try it. Do something today. Do anything. Just a small step is enough.

The first step is always the hardest.

Because it’s the longest step: from nothing to something.

2) What to say when I make a mistake

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