5 ways to become the lifetime weakness of a strong partner

Who was Jack the Fool and who was Cinderella when there’s no ME and YOU but only WE?
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The wailing of the wind could be heard through a chink in the wooden shutters, spruce wood was crackling in the fireplace, and I agreed to put my friends’ children to bed.

“And then they lived together happily ever after,” I finally say to the two nosy parkers.

“But how, Uncle?” asked the first.

“Jack the Fool and a rich princess? How could they live together happily?” added the second.

Well, well, well – children … They want an encore!

So I just smiled and decided to tell them about stories of everyday life. About couples where we become each other’s weakness. A partner that is hard to replace. Because, even for a strong partner, such a person becomes a support in hard times.

“How, Uncle, how?” they both urged curiously.

They don’t care that I’ve been preparing this topic for one of my books – they want at least a few ways right now. So I straightened out their duvet under their chins and began: “Well, this is how it was …”

Fairy tale condition #1: While in the beginning most people are only interested in the other person’s strengths, Jack the Fool looks for weaknesses and learns to accept them.

I took a paper chain off the Christmas tree and pulled it. It broke in one of its links.

“Where did it break?” I asked the two chatterboxes. “In the weakest or in the strongest link?”

“In the weakest, of course!” they cried out.

As I write in my first book, 250 Laws of Love, every relationship is like a chain. It breaks at the weakest point. What do you have a beautiful partner for if he is unreliable, aggressive, a con man and an ostrich who puts his head in the sand when the first trouble comes just to avoid having to deal with it or admit his mistake?

If we choose the other person based on their greatest quality or if we ignore their shortcomings, we are certain to make a cruel discovery one day – when the relationship breaks at the weakest point. For the relationship to last for the long term, we must first perceive, accept and respect weaknesses. Being able to do that is like making these weaknesses disappear.

And they will often disappear, because the other person can start focusing on them, working on them and removing them without shame or ridicule.

This is called “accepting a partner as they are”. Completely. Even with flaws – after all, we all have some.

What if we learned to show both sides of the coin when meeting the other person – both the obverse and reverse? What if we could be mature enough so as not to blame the other person for the reverse or wish to change it? What if we were wise enough to understand that the other person is also – just a human being?

Why do we look for a partner with whom we won’t face any problems (the fact is that there will always be problems) instead of a partner willing to solve them?

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