14 The most important words between partners

Thank you for changing so many ordinary moments into exceptional ones.
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 Motto: It is not letters that create the meaning of words, but the people who say them.

The average man says about two thousand words a day – the average woman about seven thousand words.

We talk a lot. However, what we convey does not depend on the number of words.

Let’s ask: Do we use the right words and put them in the right order?

How our words are perceived by others depends on quality. As with friends, we do not need many of them, just a few that we can rely on. They become almost a part of our family. However, your partner is the one who stands at the forefront –a key person for your success in life.

We often get angry with others if they are not in the right mood; if they are sad, disappointed, or anxious. That‘s why we, as partners, feel this anguish twice. Not surprisingly, we have only one mouth, but two pairs of ears, hands or feet. In such moments we should talk less, listen more, hug each other or go for a walk together.

A proper relationship never stagnates. It never fades due to problems. On the contrary, it strengthens day by day. Each problem that arises is an opportunity to help your partner. Although we are fundamentally different people, we can be special for the other person.

The greatest salvation and destruction remains in the fact that men get used to everything. Everything evil and everything beautiful. Even a great partner can be taken for granted. Sometimes they talk, talk, talk – maybe even talk a hole out of the soul. Some nearly talk their heads off, but they forget about the most important words, which are not often used between partners, but should not be skipped. These are the most therapeutic and neglected word in the world. Thank you.

I have always wanted to have a partner to whom I could say this.

And even more, I wanted to behave in such a manner that I could hear the following:

Thank you for changing so many ordinary moments into exceptional ones

When we are alone, the exceptional moments are something special.

When we are in a relationship, exceptional moments are something special.

They are special, because special people create them… for us.

Thank you for moving me forward

Sometimes, we are like a car which ran out of petrol halfway. We cannot help ourselves. The petrol station is far away.

Somebody simply beat us up, spat on us and left us on the floor. The only thing that we can do is to feel sorry for ourselves.

Our partners cannot let this happen, must give us inspiration so that we can be the one we said we would be. They force us to overcome our half-heartedness. Sometimes they do not have to speak for a long time; a helping hand and support are enough.

Partners understand that many problems in the world would disappear if people talked more With others and less About others.

The partner is the person who wants us to talk straight with him or her, though it might be uncomfortable and difficult.

The partner is the one who wants a true relationship, in which he or she will not be ashamed of truth and honesty.

Thank you – for meeting me halfway

It is not easy for two people of different genetic make-up, with different pasts and decision making processes to agree with each other. The mismatch may even be constantly on the rise. But that is o.k. We have already said that the relationship grows with the problems, which the two partners are able to solve together. It is not important HOW they solve them, but WHERE they solve them. True partners solve them halfway between them.

Whenever they disagree, they just have to work on a solution that makes sense for both the parties. It is called a compromise. If only one party is satisfied, the other one will be degraded. Mature couples solve this by means of two identical sentences:

– “Today, I will do it according to you.”

– “No, it’s up to you today.”

It is easier to find compromise if we strive to be friendly with each other.

Is it true that the one who loves less, wins in the real relationship?

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