5 reasons why men lose everything when a woman comes face to face with nothing

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4. Warning: If the bridge falls, you both fall

In a healthy relationship, there is no MY and YOUR, but only OUR. This isn’t to deny your individuality but to emphasise your collective responsibility.

A relationship is like a bridge standing on two supports. Both parties have the same interest in its maintenance. If it fails, you both fall.

Every relationship is like a chain, only as strong as the weakest link. If we make our partner weaker (by humiliation, lying, damage), we break the chain that we ourselves depend on in our below.

“Sorry about the mistake,” you say. “No, I’m sorry about the mistake,” she replies. “Choosing you is what led to this.”

5. Warning: If you fail, there are many men better than you.

If a woman loses a partner who hurt her, she loses nothing.

If a man loses a partner who trusted and loved him, he loses everything.

Women don’t need a weak link in the chain.

There are plenty more links out there, strong ones too, men who are prepared to be partners through adversity, happy to share their all with the woman you lost.

Think about it when the temptation arises to hurt someone. She won’t be the one to lose. She will only lose you. She will lose NOTHING.

© Petr Casanova