5 reasons why men lose everything when a woman comes face to face with nothing

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1. Warning: Don’t complain if you lose something that you were not prepared to fight for

We often say that nature is cruel, but I say that it is fair. One of the major natural laws is: whatever you neglect will decay. If you do not appreciate your health, it will decline. If you do not appreciate your friends, you will lose them. If you do not appreciate love, it will leave you. Only things that you nurture will grow.

Life is the best teacher. Tough experiences teach us to value what we have while we have it, not after we lose it. That is why hitting rock bottom teaches people to reassess their priorities. Health, love, people. The best things are noticeable by their absence.

Weak people blackmail others with words like: Forgive me, I’m only human, we all make mistakes. They say A, but forget to add B: we all pay for our mistakes.

And we should also thank life for that. The most expensive mistakes tend to be the most useful. And as a rule, we never repeat them, because the price we had to pay is one we will always remember.

2. Warning: If you want things to be the way they were then don’t because they won’t be.

The second rule of nature is progress. Time flows one way only, so it’s pointless to expect otherwise.

Women don’t deny the flow of time, but men like to convince themselves that they are not growing older, and cling to the belief that they can stay young, with everything kept how it was before.

No, gentlemen, it isn’t possible. That glass you dropped is broken forever, a forest of shards on the floor, as broken as a trusting human heart can be.

We must bear the consequences of our decisions. No, nothing will ever be the same again, but that’s okay. We move forward, a little wiser perhaps if we choose to be.

If a woman leaves a bad man, she knows that she is losing nothing more than more bad times.

3. Warning: You can’t sit on a tandem and pedal in opposite directions

A relationship can’t progress with one holding the brakes and the other peddling furiously. On issue of my magazine had the sub-title “Why a relationship never has one winner and one loser, but only two winners or two losers”. It will be an issue for anyone facing opposition in any relationship.

Money is not the root of all evil, but it can reveal the root of what lurks in any character. Similarly, opportunity does not create thieves, but it can reveal a thieving nature. When someone is given the opportunity to cheat, deceive or lie, you get a chance to glimpse their true nature.

If a woman is lumbered with such a person, who deceives her and constantly comes back for second chances then consider this: she knows that there are plenty of men out there who won’t deceive her who are still waiting for the first one.

What do people most often forget during break-ups?

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